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Adult Tennis Classes 

Jay Lee Tennis Offers Adult Tennis Classes and Tennis Programs in London

For those who are looking for adult tennis classes in London, Jay Lee Tennis is a great option for learning the game and having a great time while you learn. Located in Bacon’s College Sports Centre in the SE16 of London, Jay Lee Tennis offers five different courts throughout the day all week that allow adult beginners and those of all ages to play, practice, learn and love the incredible sport of tennis. Jay Lee Tennis offers complete tennis programs that are ideal for those who want to learn or improve on their game. There are flood lit outdoor courts, allowing those members to play in the evenings, and also indoor courts to allow members to play comfortably during inclement or colder weather.

All the coaches at Jay Lee Tennis are also LTA certified, making them as professional as any you will find working at a club like this in the London area. The tennis programs at Jay Lee Tennis offer tactical strategies, physical training and technical drills to make everyone who works with them for a period of time a better player in general. With this type of infrastructure, adults should pick up the sport in no time and make it a lifetime hobby that is both fun and healthy.

Of course, you don’t really know until you play. Tennis is a great game for kids and adults alike. So if you are looking for junior or adult tennis classes, head down to the Jay Lee Tennis. You will definitely become a better player after a few adult tennis classes at Jay Lee Tennis.

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